A jury of 30 ICT decision-makers (CIO, CISO…) will evaluate and review all the applications. Conflicts of interest will not be accepted, you may vote online for each award except if you are a part of the nominated team or company.


The results will be monitored by Maître Guy Engel, bailiff of the Awards.


The 2018 Jury 

Philippe Guiot, CISO, Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg S.A.


Hocine Berrane, CIO, CALIE

François Thill, Responsable du service informatique, Ministère de l’Economie

Haziz Haoual, Head of IT, SGG Group

Pascal Steichen, Managing director, SMILE

Benoit Poletti, Director, INCERT

Raphael Bernard, CISO, Banque Internationale Luxembourg

Ludovic Meja, RSSI, CHL

Yannick Baudesson, RSSI, Encevo

Olivier Antoine, Head of Information Security Management, POST Luxembourg

Pascal Moncapjuzan, Senior Manager, Nomura Bank

Jean Goetzinger, CISO, CLUSIL

Samuel Lamort, CISO, Banque de Luxembourg

Tine A.Larsen, Présidente, Commission nationale pour la protection des données (CNPD)

Sebastien Kuhn, Senior Manager, Datagest

Mourad Dahoumane, Manager, GTI International Risk Management – Mainland Europe, RBC Investor & Treasury Services

Jorgen Bruun, Information Security Specialist, Nordea Bank S.A.

Jean-Yves Mathieu, CISO, Aubay Luxembourg

Myriam Djerouni, RSSI, LUXITH

Emanuel Tanase, CISO, Lombard International Assurance

Olivier Montee, Information risk and security officer, KPMG

Mirko Teroni, CISO, ICBC (Europe)

Muriel Gaspard, CISO, CAMCA Assurance

Dolores Perez, Head of ITS Governance, Risk & Security/ CISO, KBL European Private Bankers