Dr Rayna Stamboliyska

Dr Rayna Stamboliyska
  • Risk management and crisis mitigation expert, iDNA

Rayna Stamboliyska is a risk management and crisis
mitigation expert with a focus on IT security governance and compliance.
An award-winning author for her most recent book « La face cachée
d’Internet » (« The hidden face of the Internet », published with
Larousse-Hachette), Rayna has extensively explored the impact of data
and technology in conflict and post-conflict zones in the MENA region
and Eastern Europe. She has consulted for international organisations,
private companies, governments and non-profits. Energetic and
passionate, Rayna has grown to become a recognized information security
speaker committed to educating those outside of the industry on security
threats and best practice, and writes up the cybersecurity expert column
« 50 nuances d’Internet » (« 50 shades of Internet ») at ZDNet.fr. »