Since 2017, a gala dinner gather 200 professionals the first day evening to reward best practices in the IT Security sector.

Assets required to be recognised as a great potential candidate include: professionalism, innovation, quality, ethics.


IS Personality of the Year

This award recognises a professional who holds a strategic position in his/her company in terms of Information Systems Security. It rewards his/her vision, his/her projects, his/her contribution to the sector and his/her leadership.


Security Project of the Year

Rewards an information security project developed to pursue a business objective. This project distinguishes itself by its innovative character, its efficiency and the results achieved.


Awareness Security initiative of the Year

Rewards an organisation for a project / initiative promoting awareness of the information security issues. The project will be assessed in terms of strategy, efficiency and results achieved.


Best Security partner of the year

It recognizes the best IT Security company all criteria taken together. It rewards a company for its wide range of offers, the quality of its products/services and of its customer care.


Security Startup of the year

Rewards a IT security company which is less than 3 years old and composed of a maximum of 20 people for its dynamism, its innovative nature and its growth potential in a close future.



Woman Talent of the Year

This award recognizes a woman for her career in the IT sector, her vision and the quality of the projects led.


GDPR Initiative of the year

The « General Data Protection Regulation » initiative of the year will recognise a company for the service/solution it offers to comply at best with this new data protection law across all European Union member states. It is a strategic prize rewarded this year given the necessity for all organisations cross-sectors to be compliant as of May 2018. As organizations have less than a year to prepare for compliance, highlight your expertise through this award.